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Family Law, Divorce, Spousal Support, Child Custody, Property Settlement

Mark Reider's extensive Family Law experience is home-grown from concern for Colorado Families. Mark's will use his problem-solving skills and resources to help you and your family quickly resolve your legal matters. Through his work with families, Mark has developed a strong reputation as a caring mediator able to resolve complicated financial, custody, and property issues foregoing hearings or trials in most cases. He will make sure these trying times are as painless as possible, your life can get back to normal as soon as possible.

In cases that require litigation, Mark is an expert litigator and strong advocate who represents his clients passionately in the courtroom. He understands the importance of having someone you can trust to guide you and endeavor for the best outcome. Family legal problems can be stressful. Mark is a knowledgeable professional that understands the need for empathy and respect during sensitive, financial, and emotional cases. You can have confidence in Mark's commitment to the highest legal standards and his ability to represent you well.


Family Law - Divorce

Many great challenges arise during the process of divorce. Chief among these difficulties is coming to agreements on both property and custody. During these tense conversations, Mark Reider strives to bring peaceful resolutions through out of court settlements. No matter what is going on, he will keep you and your family's well-being in mind at all time. Through many years of practice and working with family's, Mark brings creative solutions to approaching the issues of child custody, spousal support, and property settlement.

If you have children, child custody may be an important part of your divorce. Mark will help you navigate issues of parental rights, reaching a custody agreement, mediation and family court. Your situation will be unique based on the age of your children, stability, abuse or neglect, children's preference, your spouse's relationship with the children and other important factors.
Spousal support, alimony or under Colorado law what's known as spousal maintenance may be ordered if the court decides that the financial circumstances of our your marriage and divorce warrant it. Matters regarding the income of each party, property, financial resources and more will need to be reviewed in order to determine the appropriate award and duration. You should discuss your situation with Mark as soon as possible.
Property settlements in marriages where property were previous shared or acquired after a wedding often need to be negotiated. Our firm helps individuals and couples with shared assets deal with issues related to property settlements, debt division, inheritance and more. Retain Mark to learn about checklists for your most critical assets.

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